Friday, 7 July 2017


We haven't had to buy any Salad  for a while. Eating Radishes, Rocket, Spring Onions Pak Choi, Mangetout, Carrots and lots of different Lettuces

I will definately be growing Alderman Peas again. I look at them when the Sun is behind them to see how big the Peas are. Some of them are nearly filling their Pods. I am enjoying just looking at them for now

Blueberries  Blackcurrants  Whitecurrants  Redcurrants. 
Gooseberries have finished already. Our Strawberries and Raspberries are all eaten before they reach the Kitchen !
Cucumbers and Runner Beans are flowering
I have found a good Video of a better way to grow Spring Onions

19 male Courgette flowers so no Courgettes yet. Hopefully we will have some female flowers soon or we won't have any Courgettes !

I planted a soft shop bought Onion which has been happily growing two Flower Stalks. I am kicking myself today as I caught the hose on it watering the Beetroot. It broke off ! grrrrr....

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  1. what a lot of produce you grow ashamed to admit all I have is some mint in a pot! Do have some fruit trees but plan to get rid of the cherry tree as though I get the blossom never get the cherries but the plum tree is laden with plums this year