Saturday, 15 July 2017

TUTORIAL How I made a Trollen Wheel and Braiding

The lady at Bodiam Castle was using a wooden Trollen Wheel
 She said the Saxons also made them from Leather

 All I could find was a Shoe Insole which was a bit like leather !
I drew a Circle with a Compass then drew a line through the middle
My School Protractor came in handy to mark 45 degree angles making eight segments in the circle
Then I drew a V at the end of each line

After cutting out the Wheel I made a hole in the middle and enlarged it with a Knitting Needle

My Trollen Wheel finished and ready to use
Double Knitting Wool made a thin Braid

Using two strands of double Knitting Wool made a thicker Braid
I will try adding Beads next time


  1. how good to fins an inner sole works so well for this project, I can see plenty of braids in all sorts of threads etc will be on your making list

    1. It is so kind of you to comment Margaret. Braiding is so portable and easy to do. I love this technique. Marion x

  2. Dear Marion - absolutely amazing how you made your Trollen Wheel. So fun to see your creativity friend. Have a super day.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Debbie. I hope that I have shown how easy it is to make one. It is a relaxing and easy craft for any age to try. Marion x